Welcome to Goostrey, Cheshire

Goostrey is an attractive rural village which lies in the south of the county of Cheshire in England, close to the world famous Jodrell Bank Observatory and the Lovell Radio Telescope.  Originally a dispersed farming community, Goostrey is now a mixture of both traditional and newer developments.  It has a limited number of amenities and residents rely on nearby towns and villages for many essential services. There is however a strong sense of community which ensures that village life is far from dead.

This website captures the village's history and its current activities.

What's on

  • Planning Committee Meeting

    27 Oct 2016

    The Planning Meeting will at 7.00pm in the Main Hall at the Village Hall

    This is a special meeting to discuss the application for a sand quarry at Rudheath Lodge, and any other applications which are received before the meeting.

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  • Goostrey WI Jumble Sale

    28 Oct 2016

    The next Jumble Sale will be on 28th October, please do not bring your jumble to the Village Hall before 3.30pm on 28th October as we have nowhere to store it. Thank you

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  • Planning Committee Meeting

    8 Nov 2016

    The Planning Meeting will be from 7pm to 7.30pm in the Lounge.

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